Improving Language Skills

Have you ever thought of how many ways there are to help children improve their language skills while writing the opera? For instance, you might have them help you to make a list of words that would be inventive and irresistable that they could use in place of so many common and over-used slang terms. Here is an example. Pamela Gee has compiled 101 words that could be used in place of “cool.” They are brilliant, and here they are:

Words to use in place of “Cool”
Amazing Amusing Appealing Artistic Astonishing Astounding
Awe-inspiring Awesome Best Bravura Breathtaking Bright
Brilliant Clever Comical Compelling Creative Dazzling Distinctive
Dramatic Dynamic Effective Efficient Engaging Enjoyable
Entertaining Excellent Exceptional Expert Extraordinary
Fabulous Fantastic Fine Forceful Fresh Grand Great Gripping
Helpful Hilarious Imaginative Important Impressive Influential
Ingenious Innovative Inspired Inspiring Intelligent Intense
Interesting Inventive Irresistible Knowledgeable Lively
Magnificent Marvelous Mesmerizing Motivating
Moving New Notable Original Outstanding Overpowering
Persuasive Poignant Powerful Professional Quick-witted
Remarkable Resourceful Sharp Significant Smart
Spectacular Splendid Startling Stimulating Striking
Strong Stunning Stupendous Superb Superlative Supportive
Tempting Terrific Tremendous Unexpected Unique
Unpredictable Unusual Useful Valuable Vast Vibrant Vital
Vivid Witty Wonderful

Challenge your students to improve their verbal expertise. Remember Opera is the “High Art” and ought to embrace many noble goals. Besides, it could be fun (entertaining, pleasurable, enjoyable, amusing and cool.)

Susan Ames
Education Director, Utah Festival Opera


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