We Have Costumes

We have costumes in our basement that have been gathered, purchased, or donated for Opera by Children. You must make an appointment with the education department for the use of these costumes, not the opera company’s costume department. Their costumes are for Utah Festival Opera’s main stage performances only.

But, we, the Opera by Children Education Department have a bit of everything that may be used as whatever you imagine it to be, and we love to have teachers schedule an hour when they can visit our basement where these costume reside.

We can only dedicate one hour for your class for this project. If you are close by, you could make it a field trip and have your students look these costumes over. Or you might like to come with a list and pictures the students have drawn of what they desire to look like in costume.

We are happy to assist you, but you must make an appointment.

We are all traveling about to schools and are not always working from the office. We may be working by internet from our computer at home or in a car, so it is important to have an appointment and not just drop in.

The Utah Festival Opera administrative staff cannot assist you with our costumes as they are NOT the same as the costume department for the opera company.

For an appointment contact Nellie Horrocks nellieg@ufoc.org or Pamela Gee pamgee@ufoc.org or Susan Ames ames@ufoc.org

For more helps check here: https://operabychildren.org/training/manual/10%20Sets,%20props,%20costumes.pdf


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  1. I found a REALLY great website for purchasing Animal masks if anyone needs it. The masks only cover the top part of the student’s faces, but they save you having to buy or make headbands with ears on them. They range anywhere from $.99 to $1.99. The website is http://www.thejunglestore.com


  2. Pamela Gee says:

    Thank you Jamie! This is a great resource. I would suggest that you have the students wear the masks on the top of their heads so that the mask gives the essense of the animal character, but you still see the children’s faces. When I began working in children’s theatre professionally I utilized my highly skilled make-up tehcniques. I created fabulous faces that took hours to create. My mentor and supervisor, Ruth Call, who had 40 years of experience to her name, told me very kindly that the make-up was skillfully executed but that in years to come I would regret not being able to see the children’s faces. It took me a while to see the wisdom in her counsel. Now, when I look back at the photographs of the early productions in my career I do regret not being able to see the children’s faces. Masks, though they cut down the hours of skillful creation, less messy,and less expensive, still hide the children’s faces. In Ruth’s honor, I pass on her wisdom not to hide the children’s faces with make-up or masks. Use the masks more as a hat or visor. It will save you many fond memories later!


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