Please have these supplies ready for paint day:
·                 Cardboard for backdrops and smaller pieces of scenery.
·                 Brushes-small ones that you may already have at the
school for detail work and larger ones (2-4 inches).
These can be old house painting brushes that kids can
bring from home or packs of sponge brushes from the
dollar store.
·                 Paint
·                 Tarp or plastic to cover the floor for painting.  (Walmart
has inexpensive painters plastic.  It comes in rolls in the
paint department.  The brand is Husky/10’x25’/$8.50)
·                 Sponges
·                 Disposable plastic containers and their lids: (ice cream
buckets, sour cream and butter containers, etc.)
·                 1-2 five gallons buckets or laundry soap buckets.  You can
coordinate with the other classes so you can share these.
·                 Old rags, towels, or T-shirts to place around the rinse buckets and for clean up.
·                 Chalk if you have it.  Don’t go buy it if you don’t use chalk
boards.  Chalk is nice to draw their scenery, but pencils are fine too.
Please arrange for at least five or more parents to help on paint day.  Also, please send a note to inform parents that children will be painting and to dress accordingly (including shoes).
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me:
MarLyn McKinley  (435) 753-2559

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