Supertitles and Program Covers

It’s that time of year again!
Time to start thinking about a performance date!!
I am slowly getting a few dates trickling in here and there.
As it gets closer to your performance date, I will be sending you Supertitles for your opera, as well as Program Covers. I do this usually about a month before. I find if I do it much sooner than that, they get lost or forgotten about.
Here is an example of the program cover I will be sending.
It has all of the Opera Company info that we need on there, as well as some space if you would like to add any of your own info on the front/back. Such as the name of your school, performance title, date, special thanks, etc… You can add other things such as cast names, synopsis and such on the pages that you print off for the inside.
And here is an example of what the Supertitle presentations look like this year.
These are a huge help to the audience when watching/listening to young children on the stage. It is sometimes hard to understand what is being said. All you need for these is a projector, (which most schools have in their media center) a laptop or computer and a screen or flat wall next to the stage. It runs in a Power Point presentation. Once I send them, I ask that you look over it to make sure I didn’t misspell your name, or miss any typos, etc. You may also add to them if needed.
So, please email me when you have decided on a performance date, or even if you just know which MONTH you will be doing it, that is helpful too!
And look for your Supers and Program covers soon!! Please email me with questions, dates, ideas on how to use them, etc!
Nellie Horrocks

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