Utah Festival Opera & Musical Theatre presents: OBC Teacher Training WORKSHOP

 May 16, 2015 we will hold our next Opera by Children Teacher Training!!!
~for Teachers to learn how to facilitate Original Opera Projects!
Come learn the art of students creating opera
using simple techniques that require a minimal amount of time, connects to the Utah core standards, and teaches group writing and cooperative learning!
You need not be an artist, singer, or performer to attend this seminar because your students are the ones that create, produce, and perform!!
·        Be prepared to create!
·        $30 registration includes:
§  OBC manual,
§  highlights DVD,
§  breakfast, munchies, and a nice lunch!
May 16th, 2015
UTAH FESTIVAL OPERA & MUSICAL THEATRE – Office building—The Dansante!
59 S 100 W LOGAN, Utah
8 am – 5 pm
Official Registration through Pamela Gee [pamgee@ufomt.org]
Relicensure points available through Ontrack.
[Sign up on Ontrack once registered through Pam!]

Please continue to check here for updated training dates that will allow new teachers to queue up for 2015-16.

If there is enough interest in a particular school or district that we do not currently serve, we will come to your “house” for the training.  That is a truly fun opportunity for our staff and mentors to become acquainted with you and your school.

We expect to do a fall workshop in Logan, Utah, in 2015.  

So send me an email if you want to know more!! pamgee@ufomt.org

Pamela Gee, Opera by Children director, Utah Festival Opera & Musical Theatre


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