2019 Upcoming Workshops/Teacher Trainings

Current 2019 workshop dates:

OBC Teacher Workshops:

(all sessions are 8:30am-5pm time frame-unless otherwise specified, and we serve meals!! All food, PD training and materials are free for participants)

April 27, 2019-Logan Workshop 8:30-5:00pm @ Dansante 59 S. 100 W. Logan, UT

May 3, 2019-  7:30-3:30 pm–1650 Traverse Terrace Dr. Lehi, UT

Interested teachers in attending the professional development training and creating an opera with their students should enter contact information and preference for training on the New Teacher Participant Google Form.

We also offer ART workshops!! These are “Ginormous” teacher paint parties where mural sized art is created in the training by participants as they learn how to conduct a paint session with their students.

Teacher Art Workshops:

April 26, 2019-Logan Workshop 4:00-7:00pm @ Dansante-59 S. 100 W. Logan, UT

Interested teachers should enter their request on this Google Form.

Relicensure Points offered through Midas Education website.  Email Nellie Horrocks with questions: nellie@ufomt.org



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