Thank You OBC!

Dear Opera by Children,
Just a thank you for the wonderful years of operas you helped me with.  My students created amazing librettos and memories that will last them a lifetime!  My core tests were always higher in language arts the years that my classes produced operas.  My classes love to write now that they see what can be done.  The passion that they felt and ownership of something they had created was so rewarding to watch. 
Some of my students blossomed into confident happier people than they had been before.  The arts are truly a way to reach all students and bring them success!  I have an autistic student this year that is singing an aria and is amazing!  The other students were amazed and complimented him greatly.
I feel Opera by Children has been a blessing in the lives of my students.  I know it has left a lasting love of the arts and has improved their determination to succeed in other areas.  The unity it has brought to my classroom is heartwarming.  Amazingly every opera my students wrote over the years had to do with getting along and being friends and caring for one another.  If the world would only learn from what is in all children’s hearts unity would be possible.  Children are crying out to the world through their operas and writings. 
I am retiring this year from my teaching career and I truly can say that producing operas gave me a great feeling of peace,   knowing that so much was learned through this process.  I hope that your organization will grow like wildfire to embrace the children and help them grow more efficiently!  Blessings to you in the years ahead and thank you again.
Karla Duvall

4thGrade Teacher

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